So you think you want to meet people to date on line

Okay so I have been on and off again about these dating sites. Curiosity and boredom gave me the wink so I figured why not?

There are more people out there then I ever imagined. Here I am ,soon to be this sixty-five year old  woman taking a chance getting her toes wet and the water is cold most of the time. My profile is short, I try to appear witty and sexy. But when I posted that I like making out on elevators boy did the water get hot. The guys just assumed I was having sex, ie blow jobs on the elevator. Now I wouldn’t mind having oral sex on an elevator but the only elevator in our town is maybe four floors high. Can’t get much done in that amount of time. Forget about a quickie…maybe if I didn’t have any underwear on that might speed things up and perhaps if I was enjoying a 21-year-old maybe… and if I wasn’t wearing anything like spank I don’t think so. But here’s the thing ,once we get the sex conversation out-of-the-way I get to hear some really nice stories

One guy was all excited about the elevator and slowly I began asking him about his life. Married, widowed and just broke up with his partner because she wanted him to marry her. Once he started, we talked for an hour. He was very honest about his past, he has been in recovery for 25 years he was addicted to coke and vodka( two of my favorites} He tried rehab many times, his wife divorced him and then he got it. They remarried and had a few good years together and then she got lung cancer and died very quickly. He went on to become a drug counselor in prisons and now he is retired.

Now I would have never met this person never mind him telling me about himself at this level. What I am learning is we all need to feel connected. There is so little community left. Bars are boring, Church yikes I don’t go and I’d rather sit here nice and warm and safe in my little piece of the universe ,that is until I get bored.


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