So you want to try on line dating

My new Elle Mag arrived the other day with a fine little article about on line dating. Yes, there were tips like Play the fields( use more than one dating site) Ace your profile( what the research reveals is that the most attractive come on’  is something to the effect ( Laid back woman enjoys…everything)

I need to look approachable, positive and fun to be with. I needed to read this because boy I was looking kind of Woody Allenish ,all sorts of neurotic and yet fun. I did not go unnoticed. One response was from someone very interested in my feet, did I paint my toes?, were my feet pretty?, and did my feet smell? I of course replied that my feet were very ugly, I did paint my toe nails , and indeed my feet did stink but he would never ever get the chance to smell them.

Someone pointed out that I graduated from Mount Holyoke College  and yet misspelled North Hampton.  picky, picky, picky. I have a feeling that he could have been a fun guy to chat with.. Speaking of chatting of the first nights I was on a date site. I’m reading (searching) and this little picture appears of a nice looking guy in the upper left hand side of the computer screen

Do you want to chat?


Do you have a web cam?

Yes let me see if I can hook it up. After a bit I manage to be able to see the person I am chatting with in real time.

Great how ya doin say I

Good. Do you mind if I move the webcam?

No, No, not at all

well the next thing I see is his penis…yep he is masturbating.  I “m a bit surprised but the I think it’s kinda funny. Plus I haven’t seen this action in some time.

A man and his dick …wow

at some point I discover that not only can he jiggle his wiggle but he feels the need to respond to my questions..

Do you love playing with your cock?

well the camera has to be moved and then he has to type..Now I’m impressed. What a beautiful ….and I would love to…

camera moving, hand moving ,fingers typing well what more could a gal ask for?


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