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I’m Working On It

“What can I say but I’m working on it

all of it – everything in its entirety: I’ve left nothing out. I can’t say when it’ll be complete,

only that I’ll not cease until it’s longer, rounder, tighter…and with a little more red.” Susan Mrosek

Having jumped into the on line dating experience with both feet, I’m starting to consider “why”. Was I looking for a mate, a date, a friendship  a lover,an adventure? I’m not really sure. Suddenly its become oh so serious. Some dates are looking for marriage, or so they write in their profiles. I never  pick them. The choices are do you want to connect..Yes, Maybe, or No. Others are looking for a serious relationship don’t waste their time winking, flirting etc. More are very interested in sharing how physically fit they are, and they only want slender fit people in their lives…Sometimes it feels like we are all so desperate to fight the aging process…phrases like” folks say I look 40 instead of 60″ etc are very popular.. Along with kindhearted, sensitive,long walks on the beach, in the woods,with a good sense of humor.Friendship, lovers and good company are more where I tend to land. How do you judge, looks, profiles or gut feelings. Some days I’m tempted to say “yes” to everyone and see what happens.

I ask myself do I want to share this slice of my life with someone new? Can I make the compromises necessary for a relationship to grow. Can I give a little, be vulnerable enough to be intimate with someone?  Should I let someone interrupt by safe routines? What if I do?

As one gentleman wrote” I have become addicted to checking in on the on line dating scene.” So many faces I have categorized…Yes, Maybe, No, the ones I say Yes to don’t often reply. The maybes I review. and the Nos continue in the rotation like maybe I’ll change my mind if I see that face enough times. Perhaps my time could be better spent….Perhaps maybe if I add just a little more red, nothing ventured, nothing gained.